Thank You

A special thank you to all who helped us financially to reach our goal! We are so appreciative to all those that sacrificed to make this dream a reality for our children!
We also had the BEST volunteers ever that helped on our build! We never could done this without you!

Thank You

Many thanks to all the volunteers that came on a rainy, rainy day to help us make the playground a reality! We couldn't have done it without you!

There is still opportunity for those who would like to contribute financially to the playground! We are close but are still looking for funds to meet our goal! Thank you!

It's Build Day!

Today is the day we have been waiting for, time to build a playground!

To watch the events of the day, check out and click on the "Watch Kelowna, BC Live" link.

Saturday Schedule

The schedule for Saturday is planned as follows (times will be flexible)

8am-11am - Playground build and other projects
10am - Start of Kids Activities
11am-1pm - Lunch (depending on when volunteer starts)
1pm-2:30pm - Complete projects and the build
2:30pm - Inspection, group photo and ceremony
3:00pm - Playground is officially opened!!

Supplies Needed

We are in need of a few tools for Saturday. If you have or know anyone who has any of the following, please bring them with you on Saturday. We would rather have more than needed than not enough. We will have some tape and a felt pen to label what you bring so we can make sure you get it back.

4' level (2)
Torpedo level (2)
Impact gun (3-4)
Drill - cordless (3-4)
Drill bits - 21/64"(3), 1/4"(1), 1/8"(1)
Wheelbarrow (8)
Rakes (10)
Wrench 9/16" & 3/4" and/or ratchet set (3-4)
6' Ladder (2)
Extension cord(s) - fairly long (2-3)

Things Are Happening!

The ground has been leveled in preparation for the playground.

The equipment will be arriving on Thursday, with some preliminary things being done on Thursday and Friday!!

Extra Volunteer Needs

It has come to our attention that we require some volunteers for a couple days prior to the build day.

We especially need volunteers Thursday/Friday October 15, 16th for prep work and also night patrol to protect the playground pieces. Please call 250-868-3348 if you can assist us!

Playground Dedication

We are dedicating our park/playground in honor of John "Smiley" Nelson who has served as an RCMP in Crime Prevention/Community Policing. He was a frequent visitor to the elementary schools speaking on crime prevention. After working as an RCMP, "Smiley" worked as a city councillor with an emphasis on developing team sports in Kelowna.

As parents our goal is to create a safe place for our children to play and build friendships. We appreciate the work that Mr. Nelson has done and feel that our goals match up nicely with the work that he has done to enhance the lives of kids in our community.

Volunteers Still Needed

We are still in need of Volunteers for our big day. If you are coming out, please register before the build day. It will help us immensely with food preparation as well as our ability to make everything run smoothly.

Fundraising Update!

Our Garage Sale and Bottle drive was a great success. We rose over $1100 dollars towards the playground. Thanks to all those who donated items and to all of those who took time out of their day to help out.

We also received an incredibly generous donation from Club Penguin in the amount of $10,000. They felt that a playground was a great opportunity as they are a completely kid friendly, online playground.

Even with the donation from Club Penguin and all our fundraising efforts, we still need more. Every little bit helps. If you can help or know anyone or any business that may be able to assist please contact one of the Playground Committee members.


This is the current playground:

Playground Fundraiser

Satuday, September 26!
Garage Sale and Bottle Drive!

We will be holding a large garage sale here at the Co-op. We need donations of items for sale as well as volunteers to man the tables. If you have anything to donate, there is an area marked off at unit 12 on the Kneller Road side.

To allow the kids to help (since this is THEIR playground) we will also be having a bottle and coin drive. We need kids to volunteer to go door to door within the nearby community. (please have your child wear their Let Them Be Kids shirts, if they did not receive one, ask Marie). You will be provided with maps so that no area is doubled up on. Adults and teens are asked to volunteer to chaperone, drive or sort the bottles for return.

It will also be National Let Them Be Kids Day!
Check out the Let Them Be Kids website to share how you will bring a laugh, a smile or the joy of play to a child. Volunteering to help with our fundraiser would be a great way!

Sponsorship Information

Sponsorship Information: What you will receive as a donor
(Besides feeling great for participating)

Gold Donor: $2000 + donation (or retail equivalent)
*Thank You announcement on our live build webcast
*Place to display company banner on build day (October 17th, 2009)
*Name or logo on the back of our volunteer t-shirts to be worn on build day
*Name or logo placed on Permanent Sponsorship Thank You Board (near playground)
*Name or Logo on our Website
*Thank You Picture

Silver Donor: $1000 - $1999 donation (or retail equivalent)
*Thank You announcement on our live build webcast
*Name or logo on the back of our volunteer t-shirts to be worn on build day
*Name or logo placed on Permanent Sponsorship Thank You Board (near playground)
*Name or Logo on our Website
*Thank You Picture

Bronze Donor: $500 - $1000 donation (or retail equivalent)
*Name or logo on the back of our volunteer t-shirts to be worn on build day
*Name or logo placed on Permanent Sponsorship Thank You Board (near playground)
*Name or Logo on our Website

Friends of the Playground: $100 - $500 donation (or retail equivalent)
*Name or Logo on our Website

To have your name or logo appear on the sign or the shirts, we must have your information before October 13th.

Have a Loved one you would like to memorialize?
We are offering the following opportunities for you to not only better our community, but also to make a dedication to your loved one.

Memorial pavers (name on a paver near the playground) $125
Memorial bench or picnic table $500 (made out of cedar with a plaque of the persons name)

Maple Lanes Dot-mocracy!

This video was shot by and posted on

Some photos from the Dot-mocracy!


Come to the soccer field on Wednesday September 9th from 6 pm-7pm! There will be some exciting things happening that both kids and adults will want to be a part of!!

1.All the kids will be able to create their very own ice cream sundaes!

2.All the kids will be involved in designing our playground!

3.All the kids will have an opportunity to make our special “ribbon” for the sod turning.

4.The media will be coming to interview and take pictures. It would be great to have as many members of the co-op out as possible.

5.We are expecting special people from our city to be on hand to hear our announcement and turn the sod for our playground.

Okanagan Housing Co-operative in Kelowna, Awarded!

Okanagan Housing Co-operative in Kelowna, BC. has been awarded a Let Them Be Kids Kool-Aid Smile award to build a new playground in their housing Co-op. There is more exciting news to come shortly, so stay tuned.